Lil Yachty – Yea Ft. Key!


Lil Yachty released a new song off his yet to be released project titled Teenage Emotions called “X-Men,” he’s got a brand new one entitled “Yea” that was released on Soundcloud last night. Featuring Key! and produced by F1LTHY,  There’s also a tinge of confrontation, where roles in the urban hierarchy need to be learned. All this happens over a swirling trap beat, giving Yachty yet another live performance-ready track to add to his arsenal.

Lately, they have put forth their efforts to mentor a young rapper by the name of Matt OX. (Can’t be older than middle school age but when asked about his age he only responds with “300”.) Don’t let his youth fool you though, after a quick browse of his catalog you will find he is indeed with the shits and with the Working On Dying crew behind him on production what else would you expect.

DOWNLOAD Lil Yachty – Yea Ft. Key!