Terrace Martin & The Pollyseeds – Up & Away

Terrace Martin’s supergroup The Pollyseeds releases another song from its forthcoming album “Sounds of Crenshaw.”

The Pollyseeds are a jazz-hip hop collective organized and led by Terrace Martin. On their new release “Up & Away,” a synth foam rests atop a shuffling boom bap groove programmed by Trevor Lawrence. Marlon Williams is credited on guitar, Adam Turchin in bari sax, and Rose Gold on vocals. All other components are the work of Martin, who has emerged in recent years as one of hip hop’s most genius visionaries.

“Up & Away” is about tranquility and letting your daily troubles dissolve into nothingness. Give it a listen, along with The Pollyseeds’ first release, “Intentions” feat. Problem. Their Sounds of Crenshaw Vol. 1 album will be out on July 14th.

Listen Below.

DOWNLOAD Terrace Martin & The Pollyseeds – Up & Away